Raspberry Jam on Facebook Gameroom

The Candyland-like game map is especially appealing to kids.

The Candyland-like game map is especially appealing to kids.

Raspberry Jam is a cute match-3 game that attempts to cash in on the popularity of Candy Crush Saga. As someone who was stuck on CCS, I appreciate the new moves introduced by Jam. 

This game appeals to all ages. My young child got drawn in and sat on my lap as I test-ran this game through Facebook’s Gameroom. I did, too. Smooth play, darling graphics, the introduction of the 2×2 block match.

After a couple hours of play—thanks to my position as a child cushion—I’m at Level 55. Other than the introductory levels, I haven’t used any of the power ups. They’re adding up as I earn gifts (found along the path )for the number of stars I’ve earned. Levels do increase in difficulty with the introduction of new obstacles, but not so rapidly that a child can’t keep up.

The obstacles are typical of the genre. You have your standard matches, matches with obstacles, matches next to obstacles, etc. The raspberry jam jar and polar bear are fun twists.

The only drawback is that, like most puzzle games today, the player gets five lives and has to either wait, ask friends for lives, or pay. The plus to this game is that it offers 24 hours of unlimited play for $2.00. That’s an improvement of the “x lives for x $” formula.

This is a fun game, and I whole-heartedly recommend it for kids and grown-ups who enjoy match-3 games.

Note: This is not available on Android, Apple, or Kindle.  I’d love to see it on those platforms!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

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Note: I was not paid nor asked to review this game. I simply chose it because my little dude was on my lap, and we both thought it looked fun.



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